Shamanism is an ancient way of knowing that expands consciousness through transcending the limits of ordinary reality and a complex of contemporary spiritual practices that strengthen physical energies.

Through the use of images, symbols and archetypes, shamanic experiences allow you to plumb the depths of your soul.

In Nepal, where 60,000-year-old pre-historic shamanic practices are still active, ancient shamanic wisdom supports the aspirations of modern life.

What to Expect During

the Four-Day Shamanic Retreat 
with Bhola Banstola

24-27 May, 2018
Aegina, Greece

Please Note: This retreat will be conducted in English. 

As a participant in this retreat with Nepalese jhankri (shaman) Bhola Banstola, you will learn how to use specific shamanic “tools”

to increase your well-being by reducing stress, improving the quality of your relationships, developing and harmonizing your personal

potential and show you how to create a clearer dialogue between your spirit, mind and body.

You may be familiar with the native traditions of North and South America that are based upon the use of personal energy and the cosmos.

In comparison to those traditions, the this four-day intensive with Bhola Banstola is an experiential, theoretical and practical introduction into the fundamentals of Himalayan shamanism based upon the multifaceted expression of a single reality without conscious separation of its material and spiritual aspects.

As a ‘shaman-to-be’ in this course, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a transcendental sense of everyday life free from rigid thought patterns. In this way, you become an alchemist of your own energies.

You will participate in various ceremonies and rituals, undertake guided journeys accompanied by the dengeru (shaman’s drum) and meet spirit guides and animal powers in non-ordinary reality. These visionary sensations will strengthen your connection with Nature and release energetic and emotional blockages hampering your personal fulfillment.

In the second half of this retreat, you learn how to use the techniques described above to increase spiritual growth and transformation.

After creating a sacred healing space, making the shamanic journey to all three levels of existence and activating your connection with your power animal, you will learn how to use the five elements (water, earth, air, fire, ether) in an alchemical process that filters the heaviness from the mind, removes emotional obstacles and clears energetic blockages in order to open the way into deeper consciousness.

Bhola closes the retreat with a powerful, ancient initiation ceremony that empowers you as you embark on your new life.

This retreat is open to those who are new to shamanism as well as those who are experienced practitioners.

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