I invite you to accompany a small group of travelers, local archaeological guides and me on Eastern Crete May 8-17, 2018.

Our small group of travelers will delve deeper into a cutting edge topic on the minds of everyone interested in Greek studies: Did the people now known as the ‘Minoans’ practice some form of 'shamanism'?

The answers are visible in the material culture, if you know where to look and how to see them, but this tour offers much more than an opportunity to learn about conventional archaeological discoveries in one of the world's most studied prehistoric cultures.

This tour is a journey into many realms known to the people of Crete from 7,800-450 BCE that are just now coming to light.

The tour content draws on my many years of original research into eclectic, scholarly disciplines about shamanistic practices in the first European civilization and, perhaps more important, into the visionary experiences of thousands of people to whom I have taught sacred poses from Crete that embody a shamanistic technique.

On Crete, you will not only to see the material evidence for yourself, but you will also have the opportunity to experience altered states of consciousness through elements of a reconstructed technique that Minoans appear to have used.

Shamanic consciousness was the foundation of Minoan culture.

And especially for someone of European descent, connecting with this source of spiritual ancestry can be a life-changing experience.

In addition you will enjoy a variety of tour activities, including: well-planned excursions, informal seminars and spontaneous discussions at specific archeological sites, museums and sacred places in the magical landscape that all point to the role of 'shamanisms' in Minoan culture, and much more.

Our time together on Crete will be a true feast for body, mind and soul, and we will take in some of the less known and remote archaeological sites as well as others that are world famous.

The tour begins with an introduction to contemporary life in two of Crete’s oldest mountain villages and an opportunity to perform some of the poses represented in imagery in sacred art.

The tour ends in Crete's bustling modern capitol, Iraklion, where you will visit Knossos and the recently renovated, one-of-a-kind Archaeological Museum of Iraklion (one of the most significant museums in Greece.

The Inside Tour

As a member of our small group, you will be encouraged to notice, before and after your time in Crete, how your consciousness will expand through formal lectures, spontaneous seminars, shamanic journeys, dreams, synchronicity, coincidences, Greeks' bearing gifts, and the palpable power of spirits who still watch over Crete's magical countryside.  
During your visits to breathtaking places in eastern and central Crete, you’ll be surrounded by the sensual delights of springtime. Indeed, Crete is known for its abundance of aromatic herbs and wildflowers found everywhere on the island this time of year.

Crete is the also the birthplace of the original Mediterranean Diet.

The meals you will savor along the way will feature the island’s traditional cuisine, using the season’s best ingredients, enjoyed in excursion picnics, small cafes and restaurants where our group will dine in the leisurely Greek manner.

The entire Shamanism in Prehistoric Crete Tour is May 8 to 17, 2018.

If possible, in order to adjust to a different time zone and receive the full benefits of the tour, we encourage group members traveling from non-European hemispheres to arrive in Greece before the tour officially begins May 8th.

Contact us for complete details.