Healing Sessions with Robinette Kennedy

​​If you are looking for a traditional psychotherapist, let me know and I will be glad to refer you.

In a typical healing session with you  and me as healing partners, some of our goals may be: to restore balance and health to your life; to identify and remove blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from expressing your true nature/authentic self/life purpose; and restoring your relationship with Spirit.

To achieve this, we won’t spend a lot of time re-hashing the past.

But we will begin by finding any sabotaging beliefs, limiting patterns or energetic roadblocks that have been holding you back. 

Although I am an experienced psychotherapist, a session with me will go beyond traditional psychotherapy and may include a wide range of techniques from basic mind field therapy to shamanistic/animistic practices such as divination, power animal retrieval, soul remembering, soul retrieval, etc.

Sessions happen in a safe, respectful atmosphere. In the first session, before proceeding, we allow plenty of time to make sure that we both understand and agree about what your healing goals are.

After verifying that we are on the same page about the nature of your healing goals, I will suggest one or more healing processes and explain why I think they are appropriate for addressing your situation. You decide if you want to go ahead.

If you decide to continue the healing process, my intention to work as equal, co-healing partners who share responsibility for the outcome. The focus will be on restoring the free flow of wellness. 

Typically, so much happens in a two-hour session that the issue we addressed is resolved. It usually takes about two weeks to fully integrate the experience and the changes in your life.

At that point, the decision of whether to book another session or not is yours to make, depending on how you feel. Clients see me when they recognize their need, not on any particular schedule. 

Should you decide to book another session (no matter when that is), we will continue working at whatever level and pace feels comfortable to you and meets your needs.

I have an eclectic background in the healing arts, and I use a variety of "tools." These processes are designed to strengthen someone's natural ability to recognize and trust their own sources of divine guidance, engage their visions and empower their life purpose.

Each in-person healing session lasts about two hours. My fee is $250.00. Contact me for information about my sliding scale fees.

My office is located in Clayton, (Rabun County) Georgia. We are about 100 miles northeast of metro Atlanta, and 90 miles southwest of Asheville, North Carolina.
Phone: (706) 746-5485. robinettekennedy@windstream.net


Robinette Kennedy has remarkable gifts that come together in her shamanic workshops and

her private consultations to co-create healing in meaningful, unexpected and long-lasting ways.

These gifts include keen intuition and a profound connection with spiritual realms and nature.

Add these gifts to her years of clinical and anthropological expertise, and the result is an experience like no other.

Having participated in a workshop and several consultations,

I recommend Robinette

without reservation.

The healing I experienced was what I'd been looking for in psychotherapy for years, 

without success.

I've been able to stop psychotherapy altogether, and I credit Robinette's guidance and partnership for

this extraordinary outcome.
                                                                       Gail Parent,

                               San Francisco