​​Introduction to Shamanism 

An Experiential Workshop with Robinette Kennedy, Ph.D.,

Clinical Anthropologist and Shamanistic Practitioner

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If you are on a spiritual path or you are cuious, you have probably heard the word, shamanism, before. It is the most frequently used term in spiritual and religious circles today. But what is shamanism, exactly?

The English language has no comparable word for shamanism. The word 'witch' is sometimes mistaken for a person who practices shamanism, but wizardry, socery, etc. are not the same as shamanism. 

Members of Western culture have no one word that accurately describes the process of entering an altered state in order to interact directly and safely with the spirit world, ultimately to restore balance. We in Western culture have not only forgotten the word. We've forgotten that although our culture has changed, our brains' capacity to practice shamanism is still very much intact.

You may have brushed up against the spirit world before. Maybe you had a special moment in nature when you realized that you are not at all alone in this world? Perhaps you have always known that you can trust your intuition? Or you've experienced conscious dreaming?  Maybe you are someone who often has remarkable coincidences? Maybe you're just curious about other, and sometimes better, ways to cope with everyday life than those available to a typical American?

The word, shamanism, is an Anglicized version of the word, samaan: an Evenki word from Central Asia that means, 'someone who knows the way.' A saman knows the way to contact the spirit world. Since the word, samaan, is not commonly used in contemporary American culture, and American culture isn't a shamanic culture, I prefer to describe what I teach as "shamanistic," not shamanic.

Learning the pleasant, safe, reliable, basic, shamanistic practices taught in this workshop allows almost anyone to experience diverse, empowering and enriching ways of perceiving alternate reality. When shamanistic practices are  performed correctly, one of its most remarkable characteristics is that the healing effects are typically long-lasting and somtimes life-changing.

What to Expect in this Introductory Workshop 

This workshop is designed to create a respectful, sacred atmosphere where healing may happyen. At no time during the workshop will you lose ordinary ego awareness that you will maintain simultaneously as you learn simple, basic, non-toxic practices that typically awaken your nervous system's innate ability to enter pleasant, spiritually-altered states of consciousness. 

The Introduction to Shamanism Workshop Gives You the Opportunity to:

  •     Experience diverse, safe, non-toxic ways to perceive reality.
  •     Expand your consciousness and your sub-consciousness.
  •     Generously nourish your relationship with nature and life’s spiritual center.

Background of Shamanism

'Shamanism' or 'animism,' is the world's oldest spiritual healing tradition. It is based on the belief that everyone and everything is alive, has a soul, is of value and has a biological capacity to be in direct relationship with the divine.

This worldview is older than the first humans who imitated the ritual behavior of their primate ancestors and who, to this day, use rituals to restore harmony to their community. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/chimps-may-be-performing-rituals-shrine-trees-180958301/

Shamanism is not a New Age fad.

A samaan also identifies and sends away negative energy; finds and retrieves lost souls; heals illnesses; tends to the dying and the dead; honors the Ancestors and so on. Such practitioners are still common in many of the world’s oldest cultures. In most cultures where shamanism is/was practiced, 80% of the shamans are women (see The Shaman in the Woman's Body, by Barbara Tedlock, Ph.D.)

Recent material evidence excavated in a valley in Central Asia shows that the shamanic practices used in that area today have survived intact for at least 18,000 years. Current shamanic practices in the Himalayas may be 50,000 years old or older. 

There is also abundant evidence in the art and artifacts of the origins of prehistoric Crete (7,800-450 BCE) that shamanistic practices were the foundation of consciousness in the first European culture and that Himalayan shamans were in prehistoric and ancient Greece. You will learn more about this in the Introduction to Shamanism workshop. Register now.

In parts of the world today where 'shamanism' is still active, women and men healers are still performing ancient rituals that include helping a client to become re-connected with her/his source of spiritual power. Rather than encouraging the client's dependence solely on a healer, allopathic physician or religious leader, the effects of shamanism empower the client to find her/his own way, truth and sovereignty. Shamanic practices are not a religion. Instead, they strengthen the client's direct relationship with the Source of Life. Shamanism has no hierarchy, pyramid scheme or leaders. Rather, it promotes spiritual democracy.

This Workshop Is for You If....

​In this introductory workshop, you will learn sacred practices from ancient and modern Indo-European cultures (some based on my original research) that rely on various uplifting ways to:

  • Enliven your ability to experience visionary consciousness.
  • Meet you to your Power Animal, your Middle World Protector and your Teacher in the Upper World.
  • Renew your connections with the nurturing aspects of your everyday life, Spirit, your Ancestors and nature. 

Wherever and however shamanism is practiced, its purpose is always the same: to restore spiritual, psychological, physical, social and even ecological, meterological and geological balance, harmony and beyond. Shamanism is also grounded in relationships with your spirit guides and teachers, nature, the five elements, Ancestors and the cycles of life, death and rebirth. 

You nor I may not be a shaman, but we may be what my friend and teacher, Bhola Banstola (a documented , 27th generation Nepali jhami/dankhri (shaman) describes as a "shaman-to-be," who is looking for the way to own True North.

Perhaps you are dealing with one or more of the following in your life:

•    Weakness or loss of personal power and/or dysfunction.

     Nightmares. Anxiety. Panic attacks.
•    Lethargy, physical and/or mental illness, PTSD.
•    Strings of ‘bad luck,’ such as injuries, accidents, illness, relationship issues or financial problems.
•    Depression. Isolation/loneliness. Lack of meaning, hopelessness, confusion.
•    Doubt whether or not you are living your true purpose. Are having a spiritual emergency.
•    Unresolved grief, trauma, fear, confusion, resentment, anger.

     Rage/envy coming from you or from someone else that is affecting you.

You Will Be Given the Opportunity to Learn...

When you attend an Introduction to Shamanism Workshop with Robinette, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to:

•    Perform a simple but powerful protection ritual and how to create a safe, respectful, sacred atmosphere where healing may happen.

•    Call the spirits of the land, the sacred directions of north, west, south and east and the elements: earth, water, wind, fire (and ether.) Learn how to honor your Ancestor spirits and learn their role in shamanism.

•    Experience facilitated journeys to the spiritual realms of the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds (and how to return safely to ordinary reality).

•    Engage, Integrate and Embody your visonary experiences and insights. 

•    Translate your personal visionary guidance into bold, empowering, creative action steps, going forward.

Participants from All Levels of Shamanistic Experience

We are all beginners (especally me.) Even in this introductory workshop, you are likely to meet people with a wide array of spiritual experience. Some of us are brand new to shamanism/animism. Some of us are seasoned practitioners. All of us have special gifts and cutting edges. Some of us are on our paths but dealing with serious obstacles. None of us is a guru--except to ourselves--and the world needs all of us to share our gifts asap.

As a Temporary Spiritual Community, We Will Do Our Best to Support You As You:

  • Expand your relationship with your sources of spiritual support. 
  • Feel safe among a temporary spiritual community of people that are seeking shamanic/animistic empowerment.
  • Discover ways to recognize and fulfill your life purpose.

When you are in harmony with nature, your Ancestors and the spirit world, your well-being contributes to a more peaceful, compassionate and ecologically sane world. This has certainly been the case in my own life.

If anything rings a bell for you, I look forwared to sharing sacred space with you.

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Robinette Kennedy, Ph.D., is a clinical anthropologist and shamanistic practitioner. She holds a doctorate in humanistic psychology from Saybrook University. In the 1990’s, Robinette began researching figurines of humans in unusual, yoga-like poses depicted in the sacred art of prehistoric Crete, where she used to live. Since then, she has been presenting unique private sessions, experiential workshops and continuing her ongoing original research into Indo-European shamanistic practices. 

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